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About - Innovating Water
About - Innovating Water
Innovating Water is a sustainable community-based UV-solar water treatment system in schools and health facilities in Kenya.
Innovating Water
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Water is key for the health of children and their communities.


Innovating Water is a sustainable community-based UV-solar water treatment system in schools and health facilities in Kenya. The schoolchildren are given safe clean drinking water treated by UV system everyday. Also, they are taught the merit of clean water, and the basic engineering education about the UV system and renewable energy like solar power.


Please watch our latest documentary filmed in Kisumu, Kenya.

Running Systems

Currently, there are 3 running Innovating Water systems in Kenya, and the solar power can be used to pump underground water, store vaccines, and even generate income for the community.


Innovating water is developed and delivered through the co-creation of Kenyan charities, engineers, doctors and schoolchildren’s teachers. We source all the equipment from local business firms and test the safety of water with Kenyan public health unit. We produce the educational materials like brochures with schoolchildren’s mothers, the great Kenyan women who look after their family.

Innovating Water

Ringroad Primary School: 600 pupils

Innovating Water

Rabour Primary School: 1500 pupils

Innovating Water

Kasongo Dispensary: more 1000 population nearby

Local Ambassadors

Innovating Water is not just about engaging and empowering local family and communities, but also giving opportunity of income generating initiatives.


It’s not only to design a solution for global water crisis, but also to design future solution makers like engineers. Little children with a big impact.

“Teach Children To Fish”
“People Who Help Their Next Generation”

Team Members

We are a handpicked team full of specialty and enthusiasm.


The project Innovating Water won the IE&D Business Plan Competition 2013 as a cross-disciplinary collaboration between Imperial College London and Royal College of Art. We as a team work closely with international and Kenyan NGOs to develop and deliver this project.

Innovating Water Team
Team Members


Here are our dedicated team members across the UK and Kenya.


Irene Yen-Hsuan Shih | Design Director

Yuen Hsieh | Film Director & Cinematographer (Vimeo)

Yuan Xiao | Producer & Media Planner

Dr. Michael Marks | Non-Executive Director

Fredah Ajowi | Local Project Manager

John-Paul Marks | Chief Executive Officer

Damien Grundy | Director of Finance & Operations

Kay Nagendra | Director of External Affairs

Alice Rawcliffe | Director of Communications

Sebastian Nause-Bluemi | Director of System Design




Stuart Carroll | Founding Member

Special Thanks


WaterAid, UK
Frank Lawson | Engineering Adviser


GlaxoSmithKline, UK
Matt Hall | Ph.D.Clinical Scientist
Harshna Mistry | Principal Clinical Research Scientist
Matthew MacCalla | Project Manager, Global Health Programmes


Adam Younis | Previous Water and Sanitation Officer, MSF
Swetha Rambhatla | KOP Imperial President, Kenya Orphan Project
Jeremy Brown | Co-founder, Chalkboard Kenya


OGRA Foundation, Kenya
Hezron Mc’Obewa | Founder Trustee
Gabriel Amollo | CEO
Geoffrey Odeyo | OGRA Medical Centre
Victor Onyango Odeyo, George Ambuso, Kenneth Obiero


Schools and Health Facilities, Kenya
Charles, Hellen, Pauline | Teachers, Rabour Primary School
Affline, Tom | Teachers, Ringroad, Primary School
Aloice Olang, Leah, Donge | Teachers, Ombeyi Primary School
Adam | Public Health Officer
Caroline Chepng’eno Mibei | Nurse, Kasongo Dispensary
Ephraim Kay Odeny | Director of Nursing, Nyanze Provincial General Hospital
Kennedy Odhiambo | Branch Manager, Davis and Shirtliff Company
Joannes Andiego | Ward rep, Oyamo Island


Taiwan & USA
George Yeh | Ph.D. Molecular Biology, UCLA
Thomas Jhlai | PhD. Electrical & Computer Engineering, Georgia Tech